Automotive Customization & Repair
When you spend hours working on a customers new diesel work truck,
chopped street machine, or a soccer mom's SUV, a lot of money is at stake.
The smallest chip, scratch, or dent can set your repairwork back by days. In
this industry, time is money. Nylon panel poppers and pry tools are a must

Prylon tools can help reduce damages to your, or your customers rides
when used properly by up to 95% over similar marketplace tool sets. How is
this done?

FRN and FRP tools from Prylon.

FRN, or Fiber Reinforced Nylon, is a composite material consisting of a
strong fibrous backbone,mixed with a flexible non marring nylon. The result
is an insanely strong, semi flexible tool. These have the power to work free
some of the boating industries toughest panel retaining clips, without
damaging the exposed gel coated panels they are attached to.

FRP, or Fiber Reinforced Plastic, is very similar to FRN in it's design as a
composite. Much smoother to the touch then FRN and generally has a more
refined glossy finish too. Some of the benefits of FRP over FRN is it's price -
plastic is cheaper then nylon to produce, and the cost saving s are passed
to you. Lighter weight tools are ideal for light industry use where precision
demands are made for long periods of time. Also, they are extremely easy to
reshape if damaged.

You have to depend on your tools all day, every day, in very high pressure
situations. To replace a damaged panel, dented or scarred up fender, or
repair a damaged clear coat surface can run hundreds of dollars! That's
why you need Prylon. Spend a little, save a lot.

Prylon - Challenge Accepted.